Welcoming Rainbow Babies

Nothing makes me happier than welcoming new Rainbow Babies into my studio!

We call our babies after losses 'rainbows' - but a rainbow doesn't mean the storm never happened, or that it wasn't fiercely beautiful. We remember the storm, how it tore down, and how we rebuilt, and we celebrate the rainbow that is that storm's beautiful gift. 

Having been through a late term loss myself, I know how precious these little ones are, and how valuable documenting every second of their lives is.

Baby Sienna was adorable for her session - check out her sweet little angel kiss from big brother Liam! We used rainbow flowers, and mama's Molly Bear (which is a bear weighted the same as the baby that didn't get to come home), for Sienna's session, as well as simple neutrals to show off her beautiful skin tone.

Are you pregnant with a Rainbow in Rochester, New York? I'd love to plan your session!