Newborn Session Questionnaire

Congratulations! You've booked your newborn session with Siobhan Fisher Photography! I believe in offering a quality gallery, with only images that you want to frame and put on your walls - and so I need to know what you like! Please think about the rooms in your home where you might display photographs, and images you've seen in my portfolio and online.

Newborn Sessions take place on WEEKDAY MORNINGS ONLY



What to bring to your session

- Diapers

- Food for the baby (and yourselves!). I am judgement free - however you choose to feed your child is just fine with me, my main goal is that everyone is comfortable in my space. If you bring snacks for yourselves or other children, I do ask that they be nut free for the sake of my other visitors.

-Clothes for you family pictures. I shoot my family grouping on a black background, and siblings lying down on a fur rug. All images are taken from the waist up, and my studio is WARM (between 75 & 80 degrees) I recommend solid, neutral colours, without small prints or small stripes. These are the images that you are going to want to keep up in your home, so I strive to make them as timeless as possible.

- A book or device. Please feel free to make yourselves comfortable - I will mainly be working with your baby, so you are free to relax. I have wi fi in the studio, so if you'd like to bring headphones and watch a movie, go for it.

- Payment. The balance of your session fee is due on the day of your session. I can take a card, cash or check.

- Entertainment for your elder children. I always do sibling and family images first, after which time an adult is welcome to either take them home, or out to the zoo, Irondequoit library, or any of the nearby child friendly diners (this is also fabulous bribery!). They are obviously welcome to stay, I have just found it can be rather stressful for parents. If they aren't being photographed, I do recommend they stay home - my studio is small, and let's face it, pretty boring for a toddler!


Our Studio

206 Collingwood Drive,
Rochester, NY 14621

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We would like images of the baby with her siblings *
(Please be as specific as possible - use descriptors like light and dark, pastel or jewel, earth tones, light neutrals etc. Also please make sure to look through my images on instagram and facebook - I have a very consistent style, and while I'm always up for a challenge, you've booked me for my current portfolio)
Such as an ivf journey, rainbow baby, mother or father's profession, an pose you had taken with your previous children etc
Please note that nearly all store bought newborn clothing is much to big for babies this young - I have a wall full of little pants and outfits that I custom make to fit. If you are shopping for something specific, I suggest searching 'newborn photography props' on etsy, and choosing sewn or delicately knit items, over thick crochet. Please feel free to get in touch if you have questions! I am happy to incorporate your items & family heirlooms