Final Product

- You are hiring Siobhan Fisher Photography based on her current portfolio, and artistic style, and your photographs will be taken and edited in a manner consistent with that - therefore, you may not crop, filter or edit your images in any way. Siobhan Fisher does not utilize props or themes beyond what she has available to use in her studio, nor does she recreate pinterest images. No refunds shall be given on the basis of artistic differences. Your session comes with a personal print release, but the copyright of the images remains the property of Siobhan Fisher. Additional editing beyond what is shown to you in your gallery shall be billed. Galleries shall be delivered withing 30 days of the session date, and available for ONE WEEK, after which time a $50 activation fee shall apply.


-Client agrees to be on time, and cooperate with Siobhan Fisher's reasonable requests, including following preparation instructions.

- Siobhan Fisher reserves the right to end a session if harassed, insulted or endangered in anyway, by any party at the session, including minors. The retainer fee shall be forfeited, and no images shall be delivered.

- Photographer takes no responsibility for outcomes resulting from non cooperation in posing, attitude, or dress. While I do my best to help children smile, laugh, and be comfortable, we all have serious days, and I will capture them as they are on that day. Refunds will not be given.

- Siobhan Fisher does not guarantee any particular posing or grouping, and not all images taken will be shown in the gallery.

- Images are chosen for the gallery by Siobhan Fisher, and are the best images from the session. All other images are deleted as rejected, and are not available to view.

Cell phone/camera policy

- No other camera or recording devices, including cell phones will be allowed during the session, other than 'behind the scenes' images. Siobhan Fisher reserves the right to cease services, and all payments shall be forfeited.